Written by Consuelo R from Prada

The time to buy a home

If summer was a good time to look for a house, especially as a second residence, the return after the holidays can also be an opportunity to buy the first home or consider replacing the current one.

The tables begin to change. The statistics confirm that the real estate market is starting to move, albeit slowly, especially in areas where opportunities are scarce. Two weeks ago, the cover of the newspaper Expansión highlighted in a large report the Good time to buy housing.

Prices have already dropped an average of 40%; Sales recover y The number of home mortgages Registered in the property records was placed in 17.137 last June, a 19% more Compared to the same period of the previous year, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

And it is more, the data of this official organism verify that The purchase and sale of homes increased by an 8,8% last June compared to the same month of 2013. This is coupled with a great demand that has been waiting years to buy a house. And banks start their «War» of mortgages to attract new clients.

In general, the trend is positive, although we still lack a very important aspect: Employment, improving, but slowly.

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