Written by Consuelo R from Prada

If you sell or rent your house you need the energy certificate

Si vas a Sell ​​or rent your house, from the 1 June You have to worry about one more thing. An obligation that will also be necessary for premises and offices.

We speak of Energy certificate o Energy efficiency label, Document that will be necessary Under a fine of up to 6.000 euros. One more requirement, whose competences belong to the autonomous communities, which must create a registry. The problem is that there are communities that have not yet set up that agency to deliver the corresponding certificate.

And what is the objective? For some, it simply has a Nf., obviously for the promoters of it, the goal is Search for energy efficiency and also consider that it will favor the promotion of buildings with lower energy consumption. It will look ...

What is it? This label is similar to the one that the appliances have. It assesses what Energy category has the property in question, Depending on the energy consumption you need to have normal operating and occupancy conditions. This rating is represented by a scale Of seven letters, in which the A Constitutes the maximum efficiency and G, the least

Who should handle it? Es owner Is the one that should look for a company / professional that is in charge to do it, Which will cost a half about 150 / 200 euros, although everything depends on the surface of the house. Architects, technical architects and engineers and industrial technicians are the professionals authorized to carry out this type of certification.

Once done, the document must be registered in the corresponding organization of the autonomous community. And in addition, this document must be delivered to the buyer or show the new tenant. It will be valid for 10 years And the owner is responsible for the renewal or update according to what the competent body of the autonomous community establishes. To understand us, it is similar to the ITEs of buildings.

Sanctions.- In case of not having this certificate, there will be three types of sanctions, one minor, one serious and one very serious and the amounts will go from the 300 euros to the 6.000 euros. The College of Farm Administrators Of Madrid recommends to neighboring communities, in addition to an information campaign, that the communities of owners commission a unique certificate of the building.

In short, one more requirement that we must take into account.

Written by Jose Escolano

You're moving?

If you Are you going to change, Maybe it's good for you to read this, and if you're not going to do it, too, because everything comes in this life. I just do it and I want to share some things that have happened to me so they do not happen to you.

When you make the decision to move you have to make many decisions from that moment: Look for the house to which one wants to change, Think if you will do the Move alone or hire someone, how are you going to Adjust the furniture in the new house ... But one of the things that you have to have more is to appreciate is that things you need and things you do not need.

After days and days throwing things, we have arrived at the new house and we are still throwing things ... Yes, I know that seems incredible, but it is so. When you start throwing things away, you always fall short. Check all the cabinets, all the drawers and all the corners, and throw everything you do not need. We really need far fewer things than we have. If you do not remove it before the move, you will have to move it, It will occupy you space in the new house and in the end you will end up throwing it.

Eye with the measures.- When measuring the holes to see if the furniture will fit in them, it measures from socket to socket, and I'll explain why. In one of the visits I made to the new house, I measured a space to see if I could fit a wardrobe: 82cm; Then I went home and measured closet: 80cm. I was happier than a partridge, convinced that the cupboard was going to fit in the hole. A little more and I have to lather the legs of the closet to fit in the hole, because I had not taken into account the socket. In the end it fit, but a miracle.

Point and aside deserves the fridge: Standard hollow, leftover height ... great. Great until you put the refrigerator in the hole, you're going to open it and ... surprise, the door hits the wall and does not open. This is why I say that although you are not going to change in the short term read this post. The useless pieces that come in the bag of instructions, yes, those, are not useless, are the ones that allow you to change the sense of opening the door. Thank goodness that after rummaging and rummaging, I managed to find them. Changing the sense of opening was not easy because the instructions that came in the manual look like Ikea furniture, but they are not. They are much more schematic. Luckily looking on the internet I got to find some post on how to do it.

When Hang furniture, eye with the tacos you use. I consider myself crafty without being a handyman, but every time I go to a large DIY surface, I have more clear that there is nothing like asking the section manager. Each block is for a type of surface, and it is not the same to use a block in a brick wall, in a solid wall or in a plaster wall. Make sure you know the walls on which you are going to hang the furniture, and use the proper wall plugs. Do not try to recycle those tacos you have in the toolbox to not spend, you will have occasion to use them.

Written by Consuelo R from Prada

You have a rented house: we tell you what expenses are deductible

We are fully in the income statement period. A few weeks ago we told you what you can deduce in terms of housing if you live in a house Property or rental.

Now, let's list what are the concepts by which you can deduct and what expenses are deductible if you are Owner of a house you have rented. We start with the basics, you should Declare the benefit as Real estate capital yields. And as such benefit, you should consider the income, minus the deductible expenses.

But quiet, of the total net return for rental housing, the 60% is exempt and that amount can reach 100% if the tenant is less than 30 years, although each case must be analyzed. In this link, in the chapter 4 on Real Estate Capital yields you have all the assumptions.

In addition, there are Deductible expenses:

  • If you are paying a Mortgage loanOr, you can deduct the Interests of the same.
  • Amortization of property: 3% on the highest of these values: cost of acquisition or cadastral value, excluding the value of the soil. In both cases, the percentage of the value of the construction over the total, ie, excluding the value of the soil, should be considered.
  • The Conservation costs, Arrangement or change of facilities such as heating, lift or other elements.
  • Taxes and fees: IBI, garbage collection, lighting, etc.
  • The amount of insurance Of the dwelling.
  • Costs of the neighborhood community, Surveillance, goalkeeping, garden care, etc.
  • The expenses Derived from Formalization of the lease.
  • Finally, and as a novelty of this year, deductible expenses can be considered as incomes pending collection, Which must have previously been accounted for as income.

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