Written by Jose Escolano

Are they copying us in New York?

A few weeks ago, The real estate news In the Big Apple was that microapartments are being built since 25 m2. Are Americans copying us? It must be, because in many recent urban developments, such as the Ensanche de Vallecas, we did it years ago, and we built thousands of studios and one bedroom apartments. Market studies were done, and everyone came simultaneously to the conclusion that there was a strong demand for 1 dormitory housing.

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Nullity of the floor clauses
Written by Rubén Cózar

Useful meters and built, those great strangers (III) ... the chalets

When we started the run of this blog, we decided "touch" the subject of the square and useful meters, an issue that raises a lot of discussion when buying a flat and is that the meters of a house are still "those great strangers." Then we focus on the meters in the floors, but, What about the cottages? How is the surface measured?

The useful meters of the shawls are considerably easier to compute than those of the floors. Normally, with rare exceptions that we will see later, the chalets do not have common meters, therefore they only have two types of surfaces: The useful meters and the built ones. To measure them you can use the same rules as on the floors and that we saw in the previous ones Post of useful and built meters.

Anyway, And although in the cottages it seems easier, there are always issues that is good remember. For example, as specific curiosities of the cottages we have to take into account that The garrets are computed as a surface constructed from A free height of 1,50 m.

And beware of the surfaces of terraces and porches In single-family homes, since they can be Computed as built and posted to 50% if the eaves has a Greater flight of 50 centimeters (and it is clear that the porch surface is not worth the same as the house ...)

When do we talk about common surfaces? The exceptions To which we referred, we can find them in the shawls located in urbanizations that have a common garage. That is, when the garage is underground with a single entrance and exit for all neighbors and from the garage is accessed each individual dwelling. In these cases, if there are common elements that need to be accounted for.

But, as I mentioned in the previous posts, we should not forget that These measurement systems are generic, Since each autonomous community has specific legislation for each case or situation.

Written by Cristina Illera

I'm going to buy a house, why do I have to sign money laundering?

Since 2010, when a home is acquired, it is necessary to sign a document on money laundering. But, What is bleaching Of capital? Y Because I have to prove Where do I get my money so I can buy a house?

What is pursued with this? The objective is to ensure that the homebuyer does not use money obtained from illegal activity (prostitution, drug trafficking, illegal arms trafficking, terrorism and in general any other system based on fraud or extortion) to acquire a property.

La Law 10 / 2010 (BOE-PDF) de Prevention of money laundering And terrorism financing establishes the obligation for all The consultancies, notaries, lawyers and solicitors, insurers, promoters, real estate agents, Accountants and accountants to adopt A series of formal measures and actions to protect the integrity of the financial system and other sectors of economic activity. This law basically converts the professionals mentioned in Companies that are obliged to carry out the control of money laundering of their clients.

It is a legal imposition that It's no problem for most buyers of a house, since the money usually comes from the savings obtained from their work. The document simply tries to see where it comes from: investment funds, accounts, deposits, stocks, etc.

Document template

There are different models of document that are provided to the customer at the time of signing the sale and the presentation may vary depending on the company, but they have the same purpose. The reason is nothing else to write A customer acceptance plan based on your risk profile And should establish initial evaluation criteria for each of them.

Here you can see some of the models ( Model 1 Model 2 ) that you have signed or signed.

Whoever presents the document, be it notaries, consultants ... must collate the documentation and the identities, since the responsibility for non-compliance with this comparison lies with them.

The fines are high and in fact, the Administrative penalties can exceed one million euros, In addition to the hypothetical criminal responsibilities in which the adviser may incur.

As we can see, the law turns many professionals into "policemen", which leads them to prefer "Lose the sale" before going ahead with an operation where The client does not want to show where the funds come from With which the sale will be made.

Written by Jose Escolano

Is Eurovegas the panacea?

Probably not, but it looks pretty. Probably not because Eurovegas It will not cure all our ills nor will it provoke the Economic recovery But it can help a lot, because it is going to provoke a strong injection of capital into our economy, which, when properly treated, can help us a great deal, above all, by alleviating the most punished sector of our economy: real estate.

The birth of Eurovegas is going to provoke a resurgence of construction, because, by many technicians who bring the Americans, the labor force to build the lavish buildings that will form the complex, will probably be Spanish for the most part, Sure that bricklayers are not brought from Nevada to lay the bricks. East Building process Is going to take place for at least six years. But you have to keep in mind that the works are not only going to be carried out in the complex; Will also have to improve access, enable the environment with new services, build housing for future workers. We can not forget that Eurovegas will generate a whole microcosm in its environment as it will become a city 24 × 7, with an incessant rattling of visitors and employees.

It only remains for the rulers to take advantage of the pecuniary injection to redirect these Capital flows To other sectors, invest in R & D, industrialization ... and do not think that it is another hen of golden eggs that will be feeding us forever. It is hoped that we have learned the lesson and that we know how to rationally take advantage of this second opportunity that Eurovegas is giving us, so that our economy does not return to depend on the construction sector as it has been doing for years and that if it falls again , Do not drag the Spanish economy again.

Written by Consuelo R from Prada

Will the reform of the mortgage market work for anything?

The current situation of the real estate market requires important changes to avoid the dramatic cases that are experienced every day: embargoes, evictions ... Changes that may be well to avoid imbalances between financial institutions and citizens, but of course, provided they do not stay On paper wet because how many times have you touched the reform of rents, evictions or the law of the land and what have they improved? It seems that little or nothing in some cases.

For now, we tell you some of the Changes that the present Government wants to introduce in the Mortgage Law and in the Law of Civil Procedure. To open mouth, one of the first measures is that the foreclosed homes can not be auctioned for less than 75% of its appraised value and, if there is no bidder, the bank can not keep it for less than 70%, now it is 60 %, change that was approved in July of 2011. The question that arises here is what valuation value we are talking about: the appraisal made at the time or the existing value in writing.

Another aspect to be improved is that banks will not be able to run a mortgage until Third month of default (now, two) and the Evicted will pay lessS if the bank makes money by selling the house.

Limit default interest

This is a point that brings many people immersed in a foreclosure process. The Government's proposal for reinforce protection for families is that the Interest on arrears does not exceed 12% (Now exceeding 20%), in order to avoid the exorbitant growth of debt, which prevents debtors from being able to afford the payment. Why the 12%? Because interest would be limited to three times the legal price of money, which is currently in the 4%.

Likewise, it will be fixed In 30 years the maximum term of the mortgages for habitual residence. An aspect that generates some confusion, although they assure that it will be for mortgages securitized.

It will also strengthen the independence of appraisers regarding financial institutions Better late than never, enough "mistakes" would have been avoided at the time of tree, when many appraisers were from boxes and banks. And an important aspect is that credit institutions will have to accept any homologated valuation that the client provides.

The conflicting clauses: land, multi-currency mortgages and many others, which have Caught many citizens will have a More transparent wording and the notary, in addition to reporting on them, will require a manuscript acceptance.

But Will really favor These changes to the market, If finally approved, or as he says Moodys will increase default

We remain pending the final modifications and we will have time to see if they are effective or not. But that, in another post.

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