Written by Rubén Cózar

The "bad bank" will not lower the price of housing

It may seem like a strong statement, but I think the Sareb, known to everyone as "bad bank" will not lower the price of housing. In 2012 prices have already fallen significantly, mainly by the impositions of the Ministry of Economy that forced new provisions to financial institutions and they have chosen to sell quickly.

What happens now? Well, with the "bad bank" there is more time to sell the assets, before which Prices will not suffer downward, since this new company has 15 years to sell the real estate. Then, it does not have the same hurry as financial institutions to remove them from their balance sheets. And another data, must give benefits. This indicates that there will be assets in which you will have losses, but in others you have to earn.

In short, the "bad bank must maximize the price of the sale of their homes: will not make scandalous offers, or give away promotions, the sale process will be normal and the statements I refer. Belén Romana, president of Sareb, assured a few days ago that Will not throw prices of real estate assets y That will try to obtain the maximum benefit of each asset. In addition, he pointed out that The bad bank will not sell housing mainly to individuals, But to investors who buy real estate packages.

With this data, Do not expect the "bad bank" to leverage and lower the prices, if they descend it will be for other reasons.

Written by Consuelo R from Prada

What to look for before joining a housing cooperative

After real estate crises, and these always occur in a cyclical way, that is, there will be a smooth expansion period as is already happening in the US, the first thing to start is the cooperatives for obvious economic reasons.

There are no promoters with liquidity that buy soils to promote them, therefore, it is the cooperative that must buy it if its members want a home at cost in a good location. Now, what should be fixed before entering.

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