Written by Julio Antona

Real estate websites: more design than content?

In many cases, the first contact of a future buyer with the different real estate offers that the sector offers is done through the network, through the multiple web pages offered by promoters, agencies or intermediaries, financial entities, individuals, etc.

For this reason, we will point out some basic aspects that we believe that every real estate website should meet, not only to awaken the interest of the client but, and especially, so that the information provided is as detailed and concrete as possible when taking your purchase decision These aspects can be summarized in two words: Design and Content.

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Written by Consuelo R from Prada

New housing in Madrid at 2004 prices

Prices have fallen to levels of 2004, with decreases of 25% from 2007 and falls of 8% during the last year. The supply of free new housing in Madrid begins to be scarce in some areas of the capital, as is the case of Arganzuela and Villa de Vallecas, districts in which there was greater production. These are some data extracted from our study.

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