Written by Consuelo R from Prada

Buy your house in a flash offer and save money

Flash sale
The real estate market joins the fashion of the Flash offers. Very short sales times, high discounts and very interesting conditions.

We tell you an example that illustrates this fashion. This weekend (1 and 2 of October), those who want a house in Valdeluz (Guadalajara) can buy it from 73.716 euros, including storage room and garage and with a mortgage from 9 € / day *. Discounts can reach 50%.

We put the link where you can find more information

Be careful not to miss these opportunities!

Written by Consuelo R from Prada

Buy in a cooperative, do you dare?

Before I start I will answer the question ... I would DARE but being very sure of what I do, and why do I say this? Well, from experience.

Buying in cooperative has its advantages if done well, the first price, the problem is that there have been so many scams in this country that only the word a cooperative It's scary ... what advice can I give to those who have in mind to buy in a cooperative? The first is to study the manager, it must be trusted, must not be immersed in other projects stalled and / or pending lawsuits (that makes lose credibility). In addition, the cooperative must be registered with its administrator or current governing council in the Register of Cooperatives of the pertinent CCAA, (for example, that of the C. of Madrid is in Princess, 5 - 28008 Madrid).

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Written by Consuelo R from Prada

Looking for house? Do not forget the cell phone!

With today's mobiles or smartphones, we have a variety of applications ("apps") for both Android and Iphone or Ipad, to make life a little easier.
Portals such as Pisos.com, Portae.com or Idealista.com, to name a few, and even the real estate divisions of some banks, have free applications to find homes, flats, premises or what we are looking for. You just have to go for a walk in the area where you are looking and remember to take your mobile.

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Written by Luis Corral

Euribor ... may our luck be with us

A few days ago I asked a colleague in the office if I came up with something positive about what post Within our real estate sector. And do not think it has been easy with the amount of bad things that are happening.

We took about four years and peak crisis and when it started, in the middle of 2007, my mortgage cost me about 6%. With the crisis, the price of money and interest rates fell sharply and, consequently, almost all indexes referenced, such as Euribor.

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